Sydney Islamic Arts Museum

We are pleased to announce that ISRA Academy was successful in securing a $26.3 million grant to build the Sydney Islamic Arts Museum. This grant is part of the WestInvest Community Project Grants initiative of the NSW State Government where a total of $1.6 billion in funding has been awarded to projects across 15 eligible LGAs in Western Sydney.

This grant is not only a success for ISRA Academy, but it is also a success for the Muslim community and the wider public. It will be the first arts museum of its kind in Sydney. It will be a platform to facilitate and nurture a deeper understanding of Islam through its rich contribution to the arts, culture and civilisation.

We look forward to working with the community and stakeholders in making this pioneering project a reality. We will be developing a website where updates on the project will be made available in due course. We will inform you when this website is up and running.

We would like to thank Charles Sturt University for the ongoing partnership. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed letters of support for this project, we appreciate your support. 

Dr Mehmet Ozalp's message on the museum