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ISRA’s New to Islam Ladies Support Circle is here to support New Muslims, non-Muslims interested in Islam and newly practicing Muslims spiritually, socially and educationally. The Circle assists ladies in a friendly, supportive environment to learn about Islam and how to practice the rituals, while also enjoying social events and emotional support. The Support Circle is run by New Muslims who understand the unique experiences and needs of those new in their journey.  

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I'm grateful to ISRA's New Muslim Program because it provided great support to me since I was a new revert to Islam until now. I've met wonderful friends through this program that are very kind, generous, and great source of comfort in my journey. It also offers a lot of activities that are fun, informative, and helpful.


Our Team

Sia was born and raised in Sydney. She comes from a traditional Greek family who really struggled in accepting her conversion. After many years and a lot of  patience and prayer Sia’s family have now accepted her as a Muslim and have even been making sure there are halal alternatives at family gatherings! 

After converting to Islam at 19, Sia was introduced to the New Muslim Program at ISRA, and it was there that she found her first Muslim friend, which now she considers to be family.

Since converting, Sia has has been drawn to studying Islam and hopes to travel abroad one day in the future to expand her knowledge.

Sia enjoys travelling, reading and loves spending her time at the beach!

Lisa was born and raised in Newcastle to Aussie parents. After finishing school Lisa did a lot of overseas travelling and whilst living and working in Los Angeles she met her Tunisian husband, who introduced her to Islam.

In 2013 Lisa and her family moved from Newcastle to Sydney. This is where Lisa first felt the beauty of sisterhood in Islam after meeting lovely Muslim women at various groups and classes, as well as other reverts who understood the dynamics and challenges of being a revert.

Lisa loves travelling and learning about other cultures, socialising with friends and spending time outdoors with her family.

Lisa has been part of the team for 2 years and her fun loving, caring nature and contagious laugh is always a warm welcome.

Teresa was born and raised in Newcastle, with parents being from Abruzzo, Italy. From a very young age Teresa found herself drawn to faith, and began walking to church alone and attending regularly.

Returning to her faith a little later as a single mother raising her 3 children Teresa completed bible college, spoke at ladies events, managed a church cafe, played in the band and was part of a street outreach team.

Teresa later met her husband in France who introduced her to Islam.  It was moving from Newcastle to Sydney and attending ISRA courses where she discovered a much deeper and meaningful knowledge of Islam, as well as beautiful friendships.

Teresa is now a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3. Teresa’s passion is serving the community, volunteering and helping others. Teresa loves to spend time with her family, enjoys cooking, gardening and good coffee!

Heather was born and raised in Sydney to Aussie and Canadian parents. She has been Muslim since 2008 and faced great challenges with some of her family members after converting. Thanks to God the challenges finally eased and she and her mum even featured in an article on their changed relationship: article

After converting Heather struggled with some aspects of her new life as a Muslim. She taught herself to pray from the internet and felt like she was caught between two worlds. She also felt more comfortable around other converts who really understood her family struggles.

Realising the need for New Muslim support, she established this program in 2012, which has assisted well over 100 people thanks to God.

Heather’s easy-going and open nature makes people instantly feel welcome and comfortable. Her favourite pastime is body surfing and she loves sport and meditation…and chocolate!

Diana was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From 1993 she travelled between Sarajevo and Sydney, finally settling down in Sydney with her family in 2006.

Diana has always been Muslim, but didn’t practice the religion until she was in her forties. In 2012 Diana found ISRA and it became her “second” home. There she gained true knowledge about Islam, and discovered what “sisterhood in Islam” really means.

Diana is a wife, mother of two sons, mother in-law, and grandmother of two. She likes to study, especially about Islam and also likes volunteering. She was a teacher in a Bosnian Ethnic  School, Islamic Scripture teacher at Stanmore Public School, and now volunteers at ISRA. In her spare time Diana’s role is to be “the best grandmother” in the world.



The New Muslim Program really helped me understand lots of different aspects of Islam. Honestly it’s really an enlightening course that teaches all the basic fundamentals that every Muslim benefits from. I personally also gained friendships and support from like minded individuals. Highly recommend to all.


When I first accepted Islam in 2016, I had no clue of how to perform Wudu or Salah, what are the 5 pillars of Islam and everything or anything about Islam for that matter. Only with the help of the “New Reverts Program” at ISRA, I discovered most information that was needed for me to explore and learn further about my new found religion. The sisters from the program were so warm, supportive and inviting that made me feel inclusive and belonging. I will always be grateful to Allah for have sent me the right people to help me be a better Muslim.

Noor Khadija.

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