Scholar Development

The Scholar Development program, the first-of-its-kind in Australia, is designed to be your pathway into Islamic scholarship. It focuses on building competence and independence in engaging with Arabic texts through its student-centric approach, text-based education and analytic collective discussions (muzakara). The subjects will be delivered under the tutelage of teachers with classical and academic training. Program graduates will have their study recognised with an accredited university degree in Islamic studies at the completion of the program.

Three-Stage Program Structure

The Scholar Development Program is designed to enable you to exit after each course or see the program to completion. 

Become a Home Grown Scholar

Term Dates

Session 1

Term 1: 4 February – 8 April
Residential 1: 26 March and 27 March
Term 2: 29 April – 24 June
Residential 2: 13 May and 14 May
Exam: 1 July

Session 2

Term 3: 16 July – 25 September
Term 4: 10 October – 18 December
Residential 1: 24 – 25 September

Residentials will be held onsite in Sydney or Melbourne centres. Online option will be available for interstate students.

Admission Details

Selection Criteria

  1. Interest and passion in seeking Islamic knowledge
  2. Activism or work in the Muslim community
  3. Ability to show commitment to the program
  4. Competence in reading Arabic text and understanding