Islamic Chaplaincy

This course is designed to educate and train students for serving Muslim community in Australia. It is an accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Unit I of Islamic chaplaincy in institutionalized settings. It explores both theoretical and applied aspects CPE I. It is located at the intersection of Islamic theology of caring, grief and loss. CPE 1 emphasises multidimensional assessments and the different application of spiritual, therapeutic, supportive, educational, and strategies for individuals. Gender, professional identity and professional ethics are also examined. In addition, it reviews the experience of a formal Islamic chaplaincy spiritual care in Australia. It highlights significant aspects of the Islamic theology of chaplaincy in theory and practice.


CPE 1 Full Course

• 400 hours 
• 22 January 2024 – 30 May 2024
• Classes will be held fortnightly
• Cost: $2150
• A certificate will be given upon completion


CPE 1 Full Course

  • 5 February – 13 June 2023
  • 400 hours
  • Classes will be held fortnightly 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Cost: $2150


CPE Introductory Course

• 40 hours (five days intensive)
• 31 July- 4 August 2023
• Classes will be held between 10:00am-5:00pm
• Cost: $300
• A certificate will be given upon completion

The unit outline includes detailed information on the course including content, expectations, learning outcomes and more. 

Teaching and Training Staff

Associate Prof Salih Yucel, lecturer and Level I  Clinical Pastoral Supervisor. 

Associate Professor Salih Yucel completed his Bachelor of Islamic Theology – a five-year program and equivalent to undergraduate and Masters Degree – at the University of Ankara in 1982. He undertook various ecclesiastical roles for ten years for the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Turkey. He then completed Master of Theology at the University of Sydney in 1996. He continued his postgraduate studies in the United States completing his doctorate at Boston University in 2007. His doctoral research was on the topic “The Effect of Prayer on Muslim Patients Well-Being”. A/Prof Yucel also worked as a Muslim Chaplain at Harvard Medical School’s hospitals for seven years. After ten years in the United States, he returned to Australia in 2007, working as lecturer and senior lecturer in Islamic Studies at Centre for Religious Studies at Monash University from January 2008 until December 2014. Currently, he is a lecturer at CISAC. He is the author of four books, co-author of one book and a number of articles and book chapters. Dr Yucel is the first and only accredited Clinical Pastoral Supervisor in Australia.  Email:

Alan Galt: Level 3 Supervisor of CPE, the New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education 

Rev. Alan Galt has been lecturing in Pastoral Theology and Practice at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College since 1990. During this time, he has educated and trained numerous undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of pastoral care, counselling, chaplaincy work, clinical pastoral education, mental health and aged care. In more recent years he has extended the curriculum of St Andrew’s in the area of pastoral theology and practice and further developed the field education possibilities available to students in ways this College could not have expected to accomplish without him. In 2006, Rev. Galt was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in recognition of his services to mental health and chaplaincy training. Email: Academic Classification: Senior Lecturer, Level 3 Supervisor of CPE (2010), MA (Macquarie, 1980), BA (Sydney, 1964). 

Career Opportunities

There is opportunity to work paid or voluntarily in various fields in the developed countries including Australia such as:

  • Healthcare chaplaincy
  • Correctional Centre  chaplaincy
  • Fire Department chaplaincy
  • High school chaplaincy
  • Police chaplaincy
  • Military Chaplaincy
  • Ambulance chaplaincy
  • State emergency chaplaincy
  • Corporate chaplaincy 
  • Parliament chaplaincy
  • Sport chaplaincy,
  • Eco chaplaincy
  • Cruise chaplaincy
  • Animal chaplaincy

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