The Islamic Essentials Program offers fundamental knowledge that every Muslim should know. It aims to establish a foundational understanding of core beliefs and practices, covering both theoretical principles and practical aspects.

The program is designed to be relevant to contemporary issues, providing a framework for navigating the challenges of modern life while staying rooted in Islamic principles.

Whether you’re new to Islam or looking to strengthen your foundation, this program is a valuable resource for cultivating an informed approach to the Islamic way of life.

Classical and contemporary apprach

No prior study requirement

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University credits

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Aqida (Beliefs)

This course is designed to cover the core tenets required for Muslims to believe in: what they are and what are its textual (Qur’an and Sunnah) as well as rational proofs. The course will cover the six essentials of faith as well as venture into the topic of the Miraculous nature of the Qur’an, the question of Evolution and takfīr (deeming someone outside the fold of Islam) to name a few. The course will follow a classical creedal text (Creed of Tahawi and its accompanying commentaries by Imam al-Ghaznawi and al-Ghunaymi) as well as address modern dilemmas concerning the Islamic faith brought about by modernity. Whilst the Course teaches a mainstream Sunni perspective (Ash’arī/Maturīdī) other strands of belief will be highlighted as well.

Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

After successful completion of this subject, you will become proficient in a number of Islam’s practical aspects. This would include how to purify yourself for prayer, how to establish the prayer, how to fast Ramadan and pay zakat. You will learn how to practice your faith with confidence based on knowledge, and avoid confusion resulting from ignorance and doubts. Sow the seeds of a fruitful life of worship and devotion by studying this in 2024!

Ihsan (Spiritual and Personal Excellence)

This subject covers the core Qur’anic spiritual concepts that no Muslim can do without. Saviour concepts of Islamic spirituality (for example taqwa (God consciousness), tawakkul (reliance on Allah swt), sabr (patience), mahabba (love), tawba) will be covered with the descriptions and proofs from the Qu’ran and Sunnah as well as the practical conceptualization of the application of these principles in our daily lives. The same will also be done with relation to the spiritual diseases (such as kibr (pride), riyā (osentation), ya’s (despair)). This course will also delve into the core theosophical concepts such as the jamālī and jalālī Names of Allah swt with its manifestations in the Sunnah of the Prophet (sws) and its connection to our akhlāq (behavior/conduct). The course will focus on the spiritual aspects of some of the core acts of worship such as du’a, dhikr and salāt.

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Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil

Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil is a teacher of Islamic law and classical Arabic. After graduating with a First Class Honours in Economics from the University of New South Wales, he spent two years abroad studying Arabic and the Islamic sciences. Since returning to Australia in 2012, he has furthered his studies particularly in Hanafi Fiqh under the tutelage of Dr Salah Abulhajj. He is currently a masters candidate in Hanafi Fiqh and Usul at WISE University, Jordan, and presently teaches at Charles Sturt University, ISRA Academy and Daar Ibn Abbas. He has also founded the Australian Institute for Hanafi Studies which aims to provide practical guidance and contemporary solutions based on the Hanafi tradition. He has also recently launched the Australian Institute for Hanafi Studies which aims to provide practical guidance and contemporary solutions based on the Hanafi tradition.

Sadeq Ansari

Dr Mir Sadeq Ansari was born in Afghanistan and raised in Australia. In his Bachelor of Arts, he studied psychological science, at Macquarie University, in 2010. He was the president of the Macquarie University Affinity Club (2005-08). In his M. A., he studied Islamic and Arabic at the University of Sydney in 2012. He studied Arabic at the Nile Centre in Cairo, Egypt 2014. He took Turkish Language courses and Islamic and Ottoman History Courses in Istanbul, Turkey (June 2014 – June 2015). He obtained a certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education at ISRA Australia, 2019. He has delivered many public talks, taught various Islamic community courses and lectured at Charles Sturt University and Respect Graduate School. His doctoral dissertation is on the role and rules of ‘aql/reason in text criticism of hadith by the famous polymath Abu Ja’far Tahawi.


Term 1: Thursday 1 February 2024 to Saturday 30 March 2024

Term 2: Thursday 2 May 2024 to Thursday 4 July 2024

Term 3: Thursday 25 July 2024 to Thursday 26 September 2024

Term 4: Thursday 17 October 2024 to Thursday 19 December 2024

Classes run Thursdays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. 


163 Kurrajong Road Prestons NSW 2170 (Amity College)

Online participation is also available .


Islamic Essentials Course
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