Teaching Resources

We love the online resources ISRA has put together! They complement beautifully with our incursion and excursion programs in Year 11 and 12. The resources are clearly aligned to the SOR syllabus dot points and contain excellent links to the Qur'an and Hadith

Our Resources

ISRA Australia is a provider of educational services and resources to schools, teachers and students. Resources have been developed to cover topics directly from the Studies of Religion syllabus, and are now available online for a yearly subscription. Access all the resources at your fingertips, including all preliminary and HSC content.


Preliminary Resources

$ 135 Yearly
  • Year 11 Resources
  • Download Slides


$ 135 Yearly
  • Year 12 Resources
  • Download Slides

Both Resources

$ 270 Yearly
  • Year 11&12 Resources
  • Worksheets to use in lessons

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