Youth College Boys

Our Mission: Building our Muslim youth

Our Mission

Youth College provides the foundation for building an Australian Muslim Identity. This is achieved through the mentorship from our teachers who are dedicated to connecting youth to the Quran, developing their personal relationship with Islam and guiding them to live their life with Ihsan. 

Our Teachers

Our unique approach comes from our teachers who are raised in Australia and have a passion for growing youth into strong Muslims. They are qualified in the areas that they teach and have experience serving the wider community. They serve as role models for the students on how to live as an Australian Muslim. 

Connecting with the Quran

  • Easy-to-learn Curriculum

To make Qur’an learning easier we utilise a new, simplified curriculum designed to cater for English speakers. 

  • Structured Classes

To facilitate engaging learning, our classes are small with students divided according to their learning levels from beginning to advanced. 

Developing a personal relationship with Islam

Our lessons focus on encouraging students to develop a personal relationship with Allah, His Messenger and His books. This is accomplished through a focus on the core Islamic beliefs, practices and etiquettes. 

Engaging and interactive lessons

To make learning about their religion engaging, we incorporate quizzes and activities into their lessons 

Living Life with Ihsan

To promote excellence, we provide our students with essential life skills to help them navigate the world around them. This includes:

Personal Development workshops on topics such as Leadership, Goal setting, Mental health, Communication and arts 

Extra-curricular activities such as camps, sports, tutoring

For boys we run classes from 10:00am - 1:30pm on Saturdays, concurrent to the schooling terms at Auburn & Prestons.