Wisdom of the Prophets (Women's Course)

Wed 24th Aug, 2016

7.00pm - 9.00pm
ISRA, Galaxy Foundation, Level 2, 29 Queen St Auburn (opposite Auburn Police Station)

ISRA is pleased to present this 13 weeks evening course covering the Wisdom of the Prophets in Islam, including their lives, their struggles and the valuable lessons learnt for today's time.

Illustrious Prophets covered include:
•    Adam & Noah
•    Abraham
•    Jacob and Joseph
•    Moses
•    Solomon
•    Zachariah and John
•    Jesus (peace be upon them all) and Mary

Course Instructor: Heather Fagan

For course enquiries, please email us at: rego@isra.org.au


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Wisdom of the Prophets (Women's Course)