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Fri 11th Sep, 2020

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National Muslim Youth Summit Committee Member (Volunteer)
Are you passionate about issues facing Muslim youth? Do you want to be part of a team of young Muslims who are working towards addressing the challenges faced by young Muslims in Australia? If so, the National Muslim Youth Summit Committee (NMYSC) is looking for young Muslims in Graphic Design and Marketing to join our Committee!

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About Us
Many young Muslims raised in Australia find themselves feeling underrepresented and without a voice. Young Muslims are lacking accurate and diverse representation and are constantly omitted from issues concerning their community.

The National Muslim Youth Summit (NMYS) is a biennial summit for Muslim youth that facilitates and addresses this underrepresentation. By engaging youth in robust discussions on cultural, sociopolitical and religious viewpoints in conjunction with the challenges facing them in the current social climate; the summit provides an opportunity for young Muslims to voice their opinions and for their input on the types of projects and programs they feel they would benefit from. The NMYSC was formed to bring these projects to life. Since the last summit, we have launched the NMYS Report, have implemented a Mentorship Program and have begun a series of events aiming to unpack the salient, yet hardly spoken issues impacting young Muslims.


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