Theory Time: Comparative Theology

Sat 20th Jul, 2019

03:30 pm - 05:30 pm
ISRA-Sydney Campus

The upcoming Theory Time series -Comparative Theology- workshop, organised by CSU, Centre for Islamic Studies.

Prof Francis X. Clooney, who is one of the founders of Comparative Theology, defines Comparative Theology as  “faith seeking understanding” in light of truth(s) embedded deeply in other traditions. The aim is “to know God better.”  Prof Clooney of Harvard Divinity School in the upcoming Theory Time will unpack the Comparative Theology concept, its implementation and how to use this fresh theory in research.

This is a free workshop and the workshop materials will be provided upon registration. 

When: Saturday 20 July 2019

Time: 3.30 pm - 5:30 pm

Venue: ISRA Centre, Level 3 128-132 South Parade, Auburn, NSW

This free event is opened to anyone interested in exploring and discussing theories commonly used in social sciences and humanities. 

Please circulate among your colleagues, Higher Degree Research Students or anyone interested in exploring research theories.

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Theory Time: Comparative Theology