Women Only

Divine Will & Human Choice

This is a 10-week course ending on 30th of July 2021.  How does Divine Will reconcile with human choice? How can an all compassionate God allow for suffering? If everything is ‘written out’  then where is my choice? My role? Divine Will & Human choice course is in the Theology of Qur’an series of Islamic …

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Sisters Itikaaf Night

We are excited to announce sisters i’tikaaf night! Sisters here is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in ibadah (worship) on one of the last 10 nights in Ramadan. It will be a 2 part program: Part 1 of the program: Iftar – 10.30pm We will commence with iftar followed by Qur’an recitation, spiritual talk, Taraweeh, collective adhkar and du’a. …

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