Request a Speaker

Visits to Schools

ISRA has experience speaking in hundreds of schools across New South Wales. ISRA can provide speakers for the following:

-          SoR syllabus topics

-          Q and A sessions

-          Dispelling common myths of Islam

-          Prayer demonstration

-          Society and Culture syllabus topics

-          Sessions with teachers

-          Speakers can attend for one period or stay the whole day visiting various classes

-          Other suggestions welcome

 School Speaker Request (Within Greater Metropolitan Sydney)

School Speaker Request (Outside Sydney)

Excursion to Auburn

ISRA can tailor an excursion to Auburn to suit your needs, including the following options:

-          Visit ISRA where speakers can provide the same services offered in Visits to Schools

-          Tour of Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

-          Lunch either at a local restaurant or provided by ISRA

-          Cultural tour of Auburn

-          Staff Development Days

-          Other suggestions welcome

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