Heather Fagan 

Heather has been Muslim since 2009, during which time she has completed a Masters of Islamic Studies with Charles Sturt University where she is currently enrolled in the Masters of Classical Arabic.

Heather has been volunteering and working with ISRA since 2009, where she has undertaken many roles, including Principal of Youth College, Studies of Religion Coordinator, First Year Academic Mentor and New Muslim Coordinator. Heather has taught numerous community courses on Islam and is a guest speaker on Islam in schools and community organisations across the state

Eman Hamed

Eman is currently completing her Psychology degree at the University of Western Sydney. She is passionate about empowering her community through knowledge, skills and conversation and strongly believes in the motto “Start local, then go Global”. Eman has previously been a programs facilitator where she delivered a range of literacy and wellbeing workshops to High School students in both private and public schools. She is currently working as the Outreach and SOR coordinator at ISRA where she organises and delivers a range of Islamic school talks to teachers and students around NSW and QLD. 

Eman is on a journey to increase her Islamic knowledge and inspire others to explore Islam and its teachings more consciously. She is passionate about encouraging and educating individuals, especially young people to explore their faith beyond being born into Islam. She believes it is vital that Muslims are confident and proficient in their beliefs and spirituality to navigate better in these difficult and changing times.

Menna Kamal

Menna is a student currently undertaking studies at the University of Sydney. She has an Ijazah in Quran recitation (Hafs) and other texts. More importantly, she has a passion for teaching Quran to children through to adults. She is now managing, training and teaching students and teachers according to the Madinah Series of Cirriculums and is a Quran teacher at multiple centres including ISRA Youth College and ISRA Quran Academy.

Nida Mahfoud

Nida began her journey in Sharia law under Sheikh Abdul Mo’ez Nafti in 2009 and graduated from Daar Aisha Sharia college in 2015.. Currently Nida is completing her Bachelor in Islamic sciences at Charles Sturt University. Nida is also teaching Quranic Tajweed and memorisation at Albayan Institute and islamic and Quran classes at ISRA youth college for High school girls.

Nida is actively involved in community organisations such as Brothers In Need, Gift a smile, Gallipoli home, The Australian Islamic house and Get the Kids Fit and syllabus coordinating at ISRA daystream classes. Nida’s hobbies are hiking, cycling and Islamic art. Nida aims to complete her degree and move on to her Masters in Islamic studies Insha'Allah.

Aisha Meguid
Aisha is a highly trained and experienced personal change program facilitator, life coach and trainer. She’s committed to holistic development, helping individuals, businesses or organisations massively improve the way they think, study, work, interact and live, on all levels.Her Professional Qualifications include: Masters in Islamic Studies (Charles Sturt University, 2019), Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney, 1993), Graduate Diploma of Education (University Western Sydney, 1995), NLP Practitioner Certificate (Evolve Now Mind Institute, 2002), Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Inspiritive Education, 2006). (NLP is the study of human excellence and communication),  Aisha has devoted over 15 years to personal  & professional development education, delivery training, coaching lessons, the study of human communication, excellence and personal achievement and community service.

Aisha Mouhajar
Aisha Mouhajar comes from a medical and corporate background. She is a syllabus writer, coordinator and teacher of both primary and secondary scripture classes for several years including developing worksheet booklets, regional supervisor, assist teacher training of both primary and secondary, developing designing and producing Islamic videos and resources. 
Aisha currently works as a chaplain in a primary school, mentoring students and assisting other Islamic institutes to develop Islamic programs/lesson and curriculum.  Aisha is further developing her mentoring skills by continued training with STARTS (Service for the treatment and rehabilitation of torture and trauma survivors) and addiction coaching with Aware academy- whilst continuing her journey in Islamic studies.