Year 12 Studies of Religion
HSC Workshops

We know that Year 12 students are going through challenging times with restrictions and interruptions impacting their studies. In order to further support their learning, ISRA will be running targeted SOR Online Student Workshops. In-person workshops can also be organised based on request. These workshops aim to prepare year 12 students for the upcoming SOR exam through providing up-to 10 hours worth of content and support.

The workshops will be run by Band 6 SOR students and experts in the Islamic depth study who will give students critical tips on how to succeed in the SOR exam. Workshops will cover revision content for the ‘Islam’ section of the exam and break down past HSC questions with Band 6 responses. Students will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the SOR exam during the Q & A part of the sessions.

The workshops will also include a 3-hour interactive seminar that will be run by Mr Dawud Ilham, a highly experienced SOR teacher and an active member of the SOR HSC community. Mr Dawud has helped countless students achieve a Band 6! Participants that attend this interactive seminar will receive tips on the expectations of HSC markers and overall guidance about tackling diverse questions in the SOR exam.

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