SoR In-Focus Conference

The Studies of Religion in Focus Conference is an interfaith initiative to resource teachers in their teaching of Studies of Religion I & II. The Conference aims to broaden teachers' understanding and experience through interaction with speakers and academics from different faith traditions specialising in relevant fields central to the Board of Studies SOR Syllabus I and II.

The conference is held at the beginning of each year in collaboration with a number of organisations.

"I would like to say this conference was by far one of the best Professional Learning days I have engaged in. The speakers, the information - all of it was fantastic."
Kat Allan, St Raphael's Catholic School (2017 Conference)


2017 SoR In-Focus Conference

Religion and Belief: Understanding Australian and Global Perspectives 


Past In Focus Conference Presentations

Presentations from the previous SoR In Focus Conferences are available to be downloaded.