A Taste of Ramadan

Annual Student Iftar

Thursday 14th March 2024

About the Dinner

If you ask many students, one of the hardest parts of learning is having to retain mass information for exams. The Association for Studies of Religion and ISRA make this learning a little easier by inviting students across New South Wales to experience first-hand a Ramadan iftar (dinner).

The aim of the night, ‘A Taste of Ramadan’ is to allow students to experience and understand more about Ramadan and how Muslims break their fast and pray, while also allowing them to meet and interact with Muslim students, who share personal reflections of the month.

Experience Ramadan with Muslims by joining us for this breaking of the fast meal (iftar)! As well as enjoying a delicious meal, you will experience and observe the following:

This dinner is open to school students, teachers and parents of school children. It is suitable, though not limited to, students studying Studies of Religion and Society and Culture. ASR members who bring students attend free.

Event Details

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