What we offer

ISRA Excursions provide students with an immersive learning experience. The talks at ISRA delivered by our highly trained speakers are flexible, engaging, and tailored to the syllabus environment.

Mosque Tour
Mosque Tours are the major attraction of the excursion. Students will receive a tour of Auburn Gallipoli Mosque from a professional guide with details regarding its history, significance and features. This provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the adherents.

Traditional Lunch
Schools also have the option of having lunch at ISRA. This consists of a two ­course buffet with traditional foods.

ISRA can tailor an excursion to Auburn to suit your needs, including the following options:


ISRA’s excursions are tailored for your school according to your requirements. The cost of the excursion is determined based on:

Please see our excursion sample packages below for examples on our excursions and their pricing. Please contact us if you require further clarification. All prices below are samples, talks will be tailored for your school and class and as a result prices may vary. 

ISRA is a non-profit organisation. If your school’s budget is not able to cover these costs we are happy to negotiate prices for the common good. Please do not hesitate to inquire.

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