Recognition of First Peoples

Thu 9th Jul, 2020

Online Via Zoom

Indigenous Peoples of Australia have yet to be formally recognised in the Australian Constitution. We may be voting on this issue at the next federal election. 

This online webinar will take you through a potted history of race relations in Australia in two very broad periods. Firstly, from the early days of first colonisation to Federation and secondly from Federation in 1901 to the present. 

What the roles of the non-indiginoes people will also be covered. As people of faith, we will be exploring our own consciences as to the inaction on our part, our own collusion in the colonial project and how we can reconcile our own religious faith with the dispossession and brutalisation of indigenous peoples, their cultures and spirituality.  Acquiescence is in cases tantamount to complicity.  

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Dr Asmi Wood PFHEA PhD LLB(Hons)
Professor of Law
Australian National University

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Recognition of  First Peoples