Ready, Set, RaMaDaN GO! Online Kids

Sat 2nd May, 2020
Sat 9th May, 2020
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ISRA Kids RaMaDaN Online!

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Two great new programs for mums and kids with Kahoots and prizes. 

Join in with goal setting, arts and craft projects, the vrtues of Ramadan and the fiqh of fasting.

Have fun with engaging discussions and take turns in reading as you reconnect through the mercy and spiritual blessings of Ramdan, laylatul Qadr and fasting.

Each session will be half an hour to 45 minutes.

Zoom link, password and any allocated printables and materials list will be placed on whats app group message the evening before each session. 


Week 1 Ramadan goal setting, arts and crafts 

Presenter: Mariam Latifi

Date: Thursday, 23rd April

Time: 12:30 pm

Ages 5-8


Week 2: Virtues of Ramdan, Fiqh of fasting, Kahoot part 1 

Presenter: Zeliha Aydinlioglu

Date: Saturday, 2nd May 

Time: 12:15pm

Ages: 9-13



Week 3: Ramadan story time, goal setting follow up arts and crafts

Sisters and children only

Presenter: Merve Uz

Date: Saturday, 9th May


Ages: 0-9 years


Week 4: Itikaf, laylatul Qadr, Eid preparations & Kahoot part 2 & PRIZES !!!

Date: Saturday, 16th May

Time: 12:30pm

Ages: 9-13


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Ready, Set, RaMaDaN GO! Online Kids