Purification of the Heart (Women's Course)

Thu 4th Feb, 2016

10.00 am to 12.00 pm
ISRA, Level 3 128-132 South Parade Rd Auburn NSW 2144

Transform your Spirituality & Life 

The focus of this uplifting 12 week course is to assist you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the means to attaining a purified heart. It commences by addressing the 'spiritual diseases of the heart’ which act as a hindrance to knowing God, worshipping God and loving God. Spiritual and mental/emotional diseases such as miserliness, anger, envy, vanity and other connected diseases are studied. 

Alongside the spiritual diseases, the cures or treatments that facilitate purification of the heart will be examined such as muhasabah (self-interrogation} and muraqabah (self-supervision), achieving a balance between rajah (hope} and khawf (fear). Treatments specific to certain diseases will also be covered.

In this deeply spiritual & life-changing course, you will learn about:

•    The 'diseases' of the heart, such as miserliness, anger, envy and vanity
•    Worshipping and loving God 
•    Achieving purification of the heart 
•    Muhasabah (self-interrogation)
•    Muraqabah (self-supervision) 
•    Balancing between rajah (hope} and khawf (fear) and more.

Course Instructor: Tamana Daqiq

For course enquiries, please email us at: rego@isra.org.au


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Purification of the Heart (Women's Course)