PhD and Research

Master of Arts (Islamic Studies Research)

CSU's Master of Arts (Islamic Studies Research) was developed in response to demand from students and the academic community for a research program to provide advanced knowledge and understanding of an area of Islamic Studies.

The program enables you to research an aspect of Islamic Studies that interests you, including developing an understanding of recent developments in the field. You will then present your findings in a thesis not exceeding 50,000 words.

You may choose a research topic from one of the following discipline areas:

  • Islamic History
  • Islamic Law
  • Islamic Theology
  • Qur'anic Studies

The Master of Arts (Islamic Studies Research) prepares graduates to apply an advanced body of knowledge in one of the Islamic Studies discipline areas of Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Theology, Islamic History, and Islamic Law, including understanding of recent developments in the field, together with advanced knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to the discipline, for research and scholarship and as a pathway for future learning. The course allows the student to develop and demonstrate technical and creative skills in their chosen area and to design, use and evaluate research and research methods, and to develop skills in analysising and synthesising complex information, problems, concepts and theories and to apply established theories to contemporary theological and social problems. Students also develop valuable academic research skills and present coherent and sustained arguments and present research results to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

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Doctor of Philosophy (Islamic Studies)

The Doctor of Philosophy course aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the conduct of individual research at a level that will make a distinct contribution to the knowledge base of the sciences.The Doctor of Philosophy offers candidates the opportunity for advanced, critical reflection and research at a level that is going to contribute to the knowledge base of their discipline. As a research based professional doctorate, the Doctor of Philosophy produces better informed, skilled and reflective professional practitioners and, in doing so, equips professionals for diverse and changing work contexts by offering the development of skills and knowledge that will have enduring benefits.

In the Faculty of Arts the areas in which research can be conducted include Australian history, Australian literature, communication and culture, drama, fine arts, justice studies and police studies, professional and applied ethics, psychology, sociology, rural social studies, social work, social welfare and social policy and theology.

The program consists entirely of completing an individual research program under supervision. Students are required to develop a research proposal, carry out the research and write a thesis. Students are also required to make presentations of their work at on campus colloquia. Offshore students are required to visit the appropriate campus at least twice during their candidature in order to meet with their supervisor(s) and to present their research.

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