Parenting in Islam - Speaker Profiles

Tamana Daqiq 


Tamana  is a solicitor working predominantly in the area of family law since 2009. 

Shas a double degree in Law and Psychology from Macquarie University. She is currently the Principal of a boutique legal practice “Hikma Legal”.

Graduating with 1st degree honours, Tamana has a Master's degree in Islamic Studies from Charles Sturt University. She is an Adjunct Researcher at the Centre of Islamic Sciences and Civilisation (CISAC), Charles Sturt University .

She is currently undertaking a part-time research position at the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney.

She is a regular panellist on ABC RN’s God Forbid program discussing diverse subjects. 

Tamana is a mother and has a passion for community work, protecting human rights and serving and supporting those in need during difficult times.


Davud Ilham

Senior Head Teacher, Faculty of Religion and Values 

Davud is currently in education, teaching with Amity College, Prestons Boys High School Campus. He holds a Master's degree in Islamic Studies from Charles Sturt University.

With over 15 years of teaching experience in NSW High School HSC subjects and as a counselor, Davud Ilham continues to inspire and mentor the future leaders through faith, education and service. 

Being a strong believer in the current generations’ ability to build, contribute and shape a great future of human civilization. Davud has been actively involved in various Muslim community activities such as interfaith dialogue, conferences, discussions in a span close to 20 years .

Davud, on the other side, is a father of 5. He has a special interest in the family and parenting issues and is extensively well-read in this field. Using this expertise, he has assisted many families to overcome their family and parenting difficulties.

Calisha Bennett

Founder of Developing Diamonds, Speaker & Identity Coach

Calisha Bennett has over twelve years of experience as an active community leader, speaker, teacher and mentor of Muslim women and youth. She is backed by academic, religious and personal studies in the areas of youth work, education, leadership, Islamic Shariah, Quran, Tajweed and specialises in Islamic identity coaching and personal development.

Calisha has taught and spoken for countless audiences in Muslim and non-Muslim communities. She is passionate about the future of Muslim communities and helping to strengthen the faith and Islamic identities of Muslim women and youth worldwide. 


Fathima Essop 

Youth Coach and Educator

Fathima is a Risk Management Professional with experience in the corporate sector as well as teaching at various institutions. She has a Bachelor's degree in Economics & Psychology, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and has been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Fathima is a mother 2 young children and has underwent comprehensive Islamic Parenting training and workshops. 

 She is passionate about raising our next generation of Muslim leaders and she is a youth coach for teenagers and young adults.

While being a dedicated parent, Fathima is a founding member of the ISRA Islamic Children's Library that is being set up for Muslim children to explore, learn about and be inspired by Islam in a fun and engaging way.

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