National Muslim Youth Summit (NMYS) Mentorship Program

Thu 13th Feb, 2020 to Thu 2nd Jul, 2020

ISRA Sydney Centre, Level 3 128-132 South Parade Auburn NSW 2144

The NMYS Mentorship Program is a Sydney based project developed by the NMYS Committee in response to the 2018 NMYS Summit Report findings.

The program aims to connect Muslim youth with Muslim professionals in their respective fields of study. The Report has demonstrated that as the Muslim community grows, a process of intergenerational learning must take place between current Muslim youth and already established Muslim professionals. This is to ensure that the upcoming generation can learn how to successfully navigate their professional careers as Muslims.

Vision: To provide a platform for Muslim youth to connect with Muslim professionals and to gain exposure in their field of interest.

Mission: The NMYS Mentorship Program is tailored to aspiring young professionals, allowing them to enhance their skills whilst maintaining their Muslim identity.

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The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind (Daraqutni)

Program Benefits

  • Mentees will develop personal relationships with professionals in their area of interest.
  • Engage in a mentoring relationship that offers the first-hand experience in how practice, growth, and success looks like.
  • Insight and guidance on how to successfully and practically navigate the profession as a Muslim.
  • Opportunity to network with both Muslim professionals from various industries and like-minded mentees from various backgrounds and career interests.
  • Provision of a certificate that recognises the program participation.

Program Structure

  • Kick-off function night to connect with Mentors 
  • Kick-off workshop 
  • Monthly mentor-mentee meetings
  • Monthly workshops on personal development and contemporary Islamic topics
  • Final Ceremony, Evaluation and Review


Be based in Sydney

The program is open to students and graduates between the ages of 17 and 30 inclusive. 

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE ON SUNDAY 26 JANUARY. As there are limited positions available, the applicants will be shortlisted and interviewed to be a part of the program.

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National Muslim Youth Summit (NMYS) Mentorship Program