Muslimas in Leadership in the Workforce

Wed 26th Feb, 2020

250 Hume Hwy Somerton ISRA Melboune Centre

Muslim women have multiple obstacles in the workforce, especially in obtaining leaderships roles. Obstacles can be gender, religion, dress code and many other hurdles. Join us as we explore 3 women’s unique journey of overcoming their obstacles and rising to leadership roles in the workforce. Through their diverse experiences, we will get to appreciate the journey of these pioneering Muslimas, delving into the lessons to be learnt for obtaining leadership roles.

Our 3 speakers serve as great role models, actively breaking down stereotypes by being female Muslim leaders, from diverse backgrounds, in what is traditionally male dominated fields.


Aileen Ma

Aileen has over a decade of experience in the building industry across both private and public sectors, as a Senior Project Manager in a local government. She has worked in some of the globally renowned projects such as Burj Khalifa. She has grown into a confident project manager who oversees the development cycle. Aileen has delivered some fascinating projects across Victoria.

Stefanie Imhoff

Stefanie is the Executive Assistant Manager at Marriott International (second in charge after General Manager), overlooking 262 guest rooms and about 90-100 staff at The Westin Melbourne - a 5-star luxury hotel in Melbourne's CBD. She has been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years working at prestigious hotels in Australia, Germany and Dubai.

Chahida Bakkour

Chahida is Acting Service Design and Alignment manager with Airservices Australia, Australia’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), who safely manage 11% of the world airspace. She has 10 years of experience working in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems domain in both technical and leadership roles. She leads an extremely diverse team of 24 software and systems engineers that provide frontline engineering support to real time, large scale ATM systems.

We are very privileged to have all 3 women with us, discussing this topic as they pave the way and illuminate the path for others.

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Muslimas in Leadership in the Workforce