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What is MLP

The Muslim Leadership Program (MLP) is a mentoring program to support young Muslim men and women in their leadership to bring about positive change and enhance integration with the wider Australian society while being grounded in the Islamic framework. Mentees will learn about the Prophetic Leadership model, the art of media engagement and communication and the skills to build resilience and experience in the corporate world. It aims to provide networking opportunities for young Muslims, and their mentors, with community leaders, industry, and not-for-profit professionals.

The Program serves as a platform for participants to share their stories and experiences, and as a pipeline for young Muslims to enter the media industry, or similar advocacy roles. Importantly, the project provides a multi-generational sisterhood and brotherhood that empowers Muslims to combat Islamophobia and build upon the achievements of one another.



The Muslim Leadership Program (MLP) is a community-led program that equips young women and men with the skills to combat racist narratives and promote more inclusive and equitable dialogue in media and the broader society. Established in 2020, The Muslim Leadership program was born out of research conducted by All Together Now (ATN) – a not-for-profit with a vision to create a racially equitable Australia. ATN research demonstrated that the lack of diversity within the journalism industry had a direct correlation with the prevalence of negatively racialized opinion pieces about Muslim people. This, combined with the findings of each Islamophobia Report, inspired the founding of a leadership program that guides, prepares, and mentors young Muslims to engage with the media industry and influence the narrative! Muslim voices are imperative to conversations around anti-racism and anti-discrimination in the Australian media and broader society.

Benefits to Mentees

Benefits to Mentors

2023 MLP Program


Mentee applications are now open for the Muslim Leadership Program (MLP) 2022. We are looking for enthusiastic, community-minded Muslim men & women aged 18 to 30 based in Sydney.

This program comprises of one-on-one mentoring and workshops in:
• Prophetic leadership
• Media engagement
• Social media
• Government relations
• Mental health
The program also provides:
• Certificate of completion & letter of recommendation

• Invaluable experience

If you are interested in expanding your skills in advocacy and changemaking, then this program is for you. The program will run from June – November 2023.

Program Timeline