"What you feed your mind determines your child's education"

ISRA Mothers Group presents: Parenting in Islam 

Register now for weekly lessons. Term 3 commences with a unique course in the light of the Quran and prophetic Sunnah. A comprehensive road map for Mothers who play a central role in their children’s holistic education. This 10 week course applies knowledge from wisdom in character development to teaching key basics of Islamic practice. 

Register now, enhance your educative quality.

Topics include:
  • Instilling fundamentals of faith 
  • developing Islamic character
  • modern day challenges for parents 
  • technology and children
  • teenage years & many more.

  25th July 2019, every Thursday

*End:  26th September, 2019
 10:30am - 12:30pm
 ISRA Sydney Office Level 3, 128-136 South Parade Auburn NSW 2144

  • Resource materials provided.
  • Parents room with audio & visual connection for mothers with children age's 0-2.
  • Islamic children's program (ages 2-6): Islamic book reading, art and craft, games, memorising short duas & surahs. (Complimentary for up to two siblings, $5 per week per extra sibling.)                     
  • First invite to monthly Children's Story Time. (pre-selected Islamic themes)
  • Discounted registration to ISRA children's library, borrow Islamic teens and children's books all ages to your home. (Opening soon) 
  • Complimentary afternoon tea after lessons.