Mixed Community Courses

Islamic Ethics in the Modern World - starting 11th October 2019

This unique course will explore Islamic ethics in light of the soul, its faculties and the purpose of the human. You will learn about the human virtues, how to acquire them, and vices, and how to treat them. These and other contemporary topics will be discussed by.. 

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Dr Hakan Coruh
Dr Mahsheed Ansari
Abdul Hadi Shah Idil
Sadiq Ansari

Intermediate Qur'an Course - starting Saturday 31st August 2019

This intermediate Qur'an course is the second stage of learning how to read the Qur'an.

Insha'Allah, upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Read correctly from the Tajweed colour code Mushaf. Recognise the signs that are used in the Mushaf, including stop signs, Sajdas, and any other special features.

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Faith and Reason -  Starting Friday 5th July 2019 

ISRA is pleased to present this 8-week course providing detailed coverage of Islamic faith and worldview addressing questions put to challenge the relevance of Islam in the modern world. The course approaches each topic applying both revelation and reason with the result of increased yaqīn (certainty in faith). Click here for more information and to register

Course Instructor: Dr Mehmet Ozalp

Personal Leadership -  March 22nd, 2019 

ISRA is pleased to offer its popular six-week Personal Leadership course comprising of essential leadership knowledge, discussions over practical dimensions and in-class activities to hone in the art of personal leadership. Click here to find more and to register.

Course Instructor: Dr Mehmet Ozalp