Mothers Group Courses

Term 1 - Purification of the Heart

The focus of this uplifting 12 week course is to assist you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the means to attaining a purified heart. It commences by addressing the 'spiritual diseases of the heart’ which act as a hindrance to knowing God, worshipping God and loving God. Spiritual and mental/emotional diseases such as miserliness, anger, envy, vanity and other connected diseases are studied. 

Alongside the spiritual diseases, the cures or treatments that facilitate purification of the heart will be examined.

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Term 2 - The History of Islam

The history of Islam takes you through the pages of history to study the expand and rise of the Ummah from the time of the rightly guided Caliphs to present.

Understand our current day state as Muslims and where we are heading as we look to the past. Insight into our collective history removes the possible doubts in our faith, especially in this turbulent era of the Ummah. A much needed exercise for sisters and mothers who are the primary educator of our children.

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Term 3 - Parenting in Islam

Term 3 commences with a unique course in the light of the Quran and prophetic Sunnah. A comprehensive road map for Mothers who play a central role in their children’s holistic education. This 10 week course applies knowledge from wisdom in character development to teaching key basics of Islamic practice. 

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Term 4 - Blissful Marriage in Islam

A home is a small nation, and a nation is a large home. One who successfully manages a home and who has raised its members to a level of humanity can manage a large organisation with little effort.

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