ISRA Mothers Group Courses

Term 4 - A Journey to the Afterlife

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"O (you) the one in complete rest and satisfaction! Come back to your Lord, well-pleased yourself and well-pleasing unto Him!" (Fajr:27-28)     A spiritual and practical guide to life, death and our meeting with the Creator Join us in this 8 week course to explore and prepare for the ultimate inevitable fate waiting for all : death and afterlife. Various theological, spiritual and practical aspects will be covered in depth.  

2020 School Holiday KID'S Coding & Robotics Workshop    


In collaboration with Young Innovators Network an amazing opportunity is available to explore the world of Robotics these school holidays. Be inspired in an interactive learning environment to Code or for experienced coders, build, program & command your own EV3, the next generation robot. Smarter, faster & more fun than ever. Apply scientific & mathematical concepts in real life to understand the use & application of coding & robotics in an exciting KID's workshop over 2 great days.
Creative Kids Vouchers welcome, apply online