Mental Health Matters
for Women

Speaker Bios

Fathima Essop

Fathima is a commerce & psychology graduate. After gaining experience in corporate risk management, she decided to change careers and now practices as a Provisional Psychologist.
She is a mother of 2 primary aged children and the project manager for the Isra Children’s Library, a unique library dedicated to Muslim children’s books. 
Fathima is a community coach and mentor. She serves as the chairperson on the Headspace consortium for Parramatta, an organisation that advocates for youth mental health.

Deniz Dagli​

Deniz Dagli is a registered psychologist and has completed a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She has been providing psychological services and support to children, adolescents, adults and families for more than 12 years. She has helped many individuals, couples and families that come with a range of issues such as relationship conflict, stress, depression, anxiety, disorder eating, complex trauma, psychosis, grief and loss, PTSD and personality disorders. She is passionate about serving the Muslim community and has been actively involved in various community activities such as interfaith dialogue, psycho education and leadership programs to adolescent in schools and workshops. Deniz believes in the resilience of the human soul and our innate drive towards healing and content.  She sees that life’s challenges, even in distress, are chances to change, grow and move forward. Deniz is a mother of three young children, 2 boys and a baby girl. She has a special interest in family-based therapy and supporting couples in their relationship and parenting difficulties.  ​

Nasreen Hanifi

Nasreen Hanifi is a Psychologist by profession having worked in various sectors for the last 15 years. Her areas of practice include, disability, drug and alcohol and trauma. Currently, she is serving as the President of Mission of Hope where she manages a number of projects. She is also the co-founder of My Ability Care which are currently the pioneers behind The Mindset Project which is aiming to break barriers and taboos within the CALD community around Mental Health. Nasreen is also in the process of completing her PhD on compassion and Islamic spirituality.

Fatma Durdu

Fatma is a registered psychologist with experience working in clinical and forensic settings including schools, universities, private and government. She has a particular interest in working with trauma, psychosis, challenging behaviours and mood and anxiety related disorders in adults, adolescents and children. She also has a passion for volunteering with grassroots community initiatives and is currently a team leader at ISRA.

Hana Zarour

Hana is a psychologist in private practice with over a decade of experience in women’s health. She is passionate about the affect of trauma on women’s health and has a special interest in the area of domestic violence. She provides consultancy to various organisations in the areas of mental health and trauma informed frameworks. Hana enjoys working with woman and supporting them in their journey towards self empowerment. She identifies as a Lebanese Australian and is proud of both her heritage and her home, Australia.

Hanan Dover

Hanan Dover has completed four degrees (including two Masters degrees) in Psychology and is an Islamic Psychology Lecturer at ISRA/Charles Sturt University. She is a clinical and forensic psychologist working in private practice as well as an Executive Member of the Psychology from an Islamic Perspective Interest Group of the APS, and Convener of the Muslim Mental Health Professionals Network in Sydney and Vice President of the International Association of Islamic Psychology. Hanan has served as an active Muslim community representative for over 25 years. She has also founded, and is still very much involved in Mission of Hope which is Australia’s very first culturally and religiously appropriate health and community development not-for-profit / charity organisation

Ronya Naboulsi

Ronya Naboulsi is the founder of fitra healing. She began her journey with a formal university degree where she studied a Bachelor of Health Science (traditional Chinese medicine).While working in this field, she noticed the link between her clients emotional state and their physical symptoms. Often, she would see that the physical symptoms which presented themselves in the body were a result of deeper underlying issues and emotional stress. This led Ronya to study a degree in Counselling and Life coaching, in order to allow her to further serve the women around her. She also became a licensed Creatrix® practitioner. From that, Fitra Healing was born, with the focus on empowering women to grow and become the better version of themselves utilising the variety of services provided by Ronya.