Master of Islamic Studies

The Master of Islamic Studies is a flexible course, with students having the option to study at their own pace, whether this is on a full-time or part-time basis.

Below is the in take dates for 2019!

Session 1         March - June

Session 2         July – October

Session 3         November – February

Master of Islamic Studies

This course develops independent research and analytical skills. Graduates are expected to demonstrate critical thinking using a range of theological and research methodologies focused on the area of their research. Through the course, students will develop expertise in a particular field of Islamic Studies. This course also provides pathways for further studies at the Doctorate level. 

Students must satisfactorily complete 128 points comprising of four core subjects (32 points), four 8-point restricted electives (32 points) and four 16-point restricted electives (64 points) to complete the Master of Islamic Studies.

Core subjects (32 points)
ISL400 Islamic Worldview and Theology
ISL411 Methodology of Islamic Law (Usul al-Fiqh)
ISL430 Methodology of Qur'anic Exegesis (Usul al-Tafsir)
ISL432 Methodology of Prophetic Traditions (Usul al-Hadith)

8-point restricted electives (choose 4 subjects; minimum 1 and maximum 2 must be Arabic)
ISL410 Islamic Jurisprudence of Five Pillars
ISL413 Islamic Family Law and Society
ISL451 Islam in the Modern World
ISL455 Women in Islam, Civilisations and Cultures
ISL470 Essentials of Islamic Spirituality
ISL471 Islam: Morality and Etiquette in Daily Life
ISL481 Philosophy of Prophet Muhammad's Life (Sirah)
ISL483 Islamic History and Civilisations
ISL484 Modern History of the Muslim World
ISL441 Arabic Skills 1
ISL442 Arabic Skills 2
ISL443 Arabic Skills 3
ISL460 Introduction to Arabic Reading
ISL461 Beginner Arabic Language 1
ISL462 Beginner Arabic Language 2
ISL463 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 1
ISL464 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 2
ISL465 Advanced Arabic Grammar

16-point restricted electives (choose 3 subjects)
ISL591 Interpreting Islamic Sacred Texts (16 points)
ISL593 Islamic Theology: Classical to Contemporary Thought (16 points)
ISL550 Islam and Science: Contemporary Ethical Issues (16 points)
ISL555 Contemporary Islamic Movements (16 points)
ISL556 Islamic Economy, Banking and Finance (16 points)
ISL599 Guided Research (16 points)
ISL596 Islamic Studies Project (16 points)

Graduate Diploma of Islamic Studies

This course aims to provide students with grounded knowledge and analytical skills in the study of Islam, developing their ability to analyse information about Islamic matters. Students will be provided with an all-encompassing understanding of Islam at an advanced level, covering social, contemporary, legal and spiritual aspects. Students will also develop extensive knowledge of Islamic history and be introduced to the Arabic language. This course also provides pathways for Islamic studies at the Master level.

Students must satisfactorily complete 64 points, comprising 6 core and 2 elective subjects to complete the Graduate Diploma of Islamic Studies.

Core Subjects
ISL400 Islamic Worldview and Theology (8 points)
ISL410 Islamic Jurisprudence of the Five Pillars (8 points)
ISL411 Methodology of Islamic Law (Usul al-Fiqh) (8 points)
ISL430 Methodology of Qur’anic Exegesis (Usul-Tafsir) (8 points)

Choose 4 electives, 1 can be Arabic

Islamic Studies Electives 

ISL412 Religious and Communal Leadership in Modern Society (8 points)
ISL413 Islamic Family Law and Society (8 points)
ISL451 Islam in the Modern World (8 points)
ISL455 Women in Islam, Civilisations and Cultures (8 points)
ISL471 Islam: Morality and Etiquette in Daily Life (8 points)
ISL483 History of Islam: From Tribe to World Civilisation (8 points)
ISL470 Essentials of Islamic Spirituality (8 points)
ISL481 Philosophy of Prophet Muhammad’s Life (Sirah) (8 points)

Arabic Electives

ISL441 Arabic Skills 1
ISL442 Arabic Skills 2
ISL443 Arabic Skills 3
ISL460 Introduction to Arabic Reading (8 points)
ISL461 Beginner Arabic Language 1 (8 points)
ISL462 Beginner Arabic Language 2 (8 points)
ISL463 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 1 (8 points) 
ISL464 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 2 (8 points)
ISL465 Advanced Arabic Grammar (8 points)

Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies