Classical Arabic

This course will provide you with the tools to be able to understand the Qur’an and classical Arabic texts as well as a strong foundation in reading, speaking, listening and writing. Unravel the tradition and connect to the core of all Islamic sciences...Arabic. 

Below is the in take dates for 2019!

Session 1         March - June

Session 2         July – October

Session 3         November – February

Master of Classical Arabic

Students must satisfactorily complete 96 points comprising of twelve core subjects to complete the Masters.

Core Subjects 

ISL441 Arabic Skills 1
ISL442 Arabic Skills 2
ISL443 Arabic Skills 3
ISL460 Introduction to Arabic Reading
ISL461 Beginner Arabic Language 1
ISL462 Beginner Arabic Language 2
ISL463 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 1
ISL464 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 2
ISL465 Advanced Arabic Grammar
ISL566 Applied Arabic 1: Morphology
ISL567 Applied Arabic 2: Syntax
ISL568 Applied Arabic 3: Classical Texts

Graduate Diploma of Classical Arabic

Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies

This course develops a foundational level of proficiency together with broad-based knowledge and critical skills in the study of the classical Arabic language. The course prepares students for further academic study in classical Arabic and assists students develop a basic proficiency in the recitation of the Qur'an together with introductory writing, speaking and reading skills in Arabic language, including grammar.

Course Objectives:

  • Impart understanding of classical Arabic at introductory level
  • Provide foundational knowledge of the Arabic grammar and its application in fine classical Arabic literature
  • Provide foundational knowledge and the history of the Arabic language
Students must satisfactorily complete 32 points comprising of four core subjects to complete the Graduate Certificate.

Core Subjects

 ISL441 Arabic Skills 1
 ISL442 Arabic Skills 2
 ISL460 Introduction to Arabic Reading
 ISL461 Beginner Arabic Language 1