TAFSIR COURSE (Males & Females) 

Connecting you with the Quran!

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said; “…The superiority of the speech of Allah compared to all other speech is like the superiority of Allah over His creation.” (Tirmithi)

Whether you want to study the Quran (Tafsir) from your home with our online teaching team or in person at our centre, you will develop a strong connection with the book of Allah through:

  • Simple and structured curriculum made by English speakers, for English speakers
  • Qualified, passionate and friendly teachers
  • Effective tools and resources for online and in person learning.

Offering the Interpretation of Juz ‘Amma (Juz 30) in a concise and simple manner, explanations linked to themes and tailored for students of all levels to learn. 

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Classes for Everyone 

Course Structure 

  • 1 hour a week over 12 weeks
  • 3 terms in one year

Term 3 Dates: Monday 14 Sept to Monday 30 Nov 2020

Classes: TBA

Cost: $100 per term 

Venue: ONLINE or Onsite (subject to government regulations) 

Sydney ISRA Centre Level 3 128 -136 South Pde, Auburn NSW 

For more information call us at (02) 9649 9040 or email info@isra.org.au