ISRA Marriage Conference: Journey to a successful marriage

Sat 22nd Feb, 2020

8:30am for 9am Start. Ends 4:45pm
Student discount $45, Singles $50, Couples $90
Bryan Brown Theatre, Rickard Rd & Chapel Road, Bankstown NSW 2200

“..He created for you from yourselves mates so that you may find sakinah (tranquillity) in them; and He placed between you mawadah (affection) and rahma (mercy)… Al Rum 30:21

ISRA Australia invites you to our #2020 Marriage Conference.

Whether you are looking to get married or if you want to improve the joy of marriage, it is the most important event of the year that you can not afford to miss. This one day conference aims to give you in-depth details on developing and living a strong and healthy Islamic marriage in Australia.

Catered lunch, morning, afternoon tea, coffee and refreshments included.

Keynote speakers

  • Dr Mehmet Ozalp
  • Tamana Daqiq 
  • Shaykh Aref Shaker

Keynote topics:

•  Islamic Marriage Contract in the Australian context.

•  Sunnah of marriage guidelines, from the beloved Prophet ﷺ

•  Masters & Disasters of Marriage: How to turn an ordinary marriage into a great one.  

Workshop 1: Pre-marriage

"Knowing your other half"

Start 12:05pm - 4:20pm (breaks included)

Workshop Facilitators                     

Session 1: Sheikh Rami Al-Sharawneh             

Session 2: Sheikh Rami Al-Sharawneh

Session 3: Mehmet Ozalp    

Session 1: Eman Sanoussi

Session 2: Eman Sanoussi

Session 3: Ghania Dib 

(separate for women & men)


Workshop 2: Post Marriage

"Navigating your way to a successful marriage”

Start 12:05 to 4:20pm

Workshop Facilitators                     

Session 1: Mehmet Ozalp  & Dalya Ayoub 

Session 2: Mehmet Ozalp & Dalya Ayoub

Session 3: Sheikh Rami Alsharawneh & Eman Sanoussi         

(couples married & engaged)

Speaker and facilitator profiles


Onsite advice bookings available:


Deniz Dagli


Sarah El-Assad



10:55pm Morning Tea

1:05pm Lunch and Salah 

3:00pm Afternoon Tea


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Insha'Allah we look forward to seeing you on the day!

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ISRA Marriage Conference: Journey to a successful marriage