Far-Right Extremism and Its Impact on Muslims

Sat 29th Jun, 2019

ISRA Sydney Centre, Level 3, 128-136 Soouth Pde, Auburn NSW

What is CommunityMatters?
CommunityMatters is an initiative that aims to discuss important matters related to the Muslim community through conversations amongst panelists and engagement with the audience.

Topic: Far-Right Extremism and Its Impact on Muslims

The Christchurch mosque terror attack sent shockwaves around the world and showed the extent Islamophobia can reach in Western societies. It graphically underscored the heavy cost of ignoring the threat of far-right extremism. Yet, the conditions and ideology that gave rise to the terror attack continues to simmer. What is the ideology, psychology and motivation of far-right extremism, what is its impact on Australian Muslims and what can the authorities and policymakers do to address the threat it poses?


Ahmet Kilani - Muslim chaplain. CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) consultant

James Fry - Community professional, former teen far-right group member

David Smith - Senior lecturer in American politics and foreign policy

Mariam Veiszadeh - Lawyer, writer, advocate


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Far-Right Extremism and Its Impact on Muslims