Addressing the Challenges of Studying Fiqh in Modern Times – Panel Discussion


Thu 12 Jan 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Scholar Development Program presents…

Addressing the Challenges of Studying Fiqh in Modern Times – Panel Discussion

While modern dilemmas require new fiqh, disconnecting from classical texts breaks millennia of scholarship. Live from Jordan, world-renowned Hanafi jurist Prof Salah and locals Ustadh Abdul Hadi and Dr Sadeq will discuss the nuances and gaps we need to look out for when studying Islamic law.

The pros and cons of different ways fiqh is studied in the Muslim world will be discussed as well as exploring unique ways that students of knowledge can pursue in the West and the role that classical fiqh manuals such as the al-Ikhtiyar li Ta’lil al-Mukhtar play in our contexts.


Prof. Salah Abu al-Hajj – The World Islamic Science & Education University

Ustadh Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil – Australian Institute for Hanafi Studies


Dr Sadeq Ansari – Islamic Sciences and Research Academy

Prof Salah Abu al-Hajj 

Prof. Salah is the Dean of Faculty of Hanafi Jurisprudence at The World Islamic Science & Education University in Jordan.

Ustadh Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil

Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil is a teacher of Islamic law and classical Arabic. After graduating with a First Class Honours in Economics from the University of New South Wales, he spent two years abroad studying Arabic and the Islamic sciences. Since returning to Australia in 2012, he has furthered his studies, particularly in Hanafi Fiqh under the tutelage of Dr Salah Abulhajj. He is currently a masters candidate in Hanafi Fiqh and Usul at WISE University, Jordan, and presently teaches at Charles Sturt University, ISRA Academy, and Daar Ibn Abbas.

He has also recently launched the Australian Institute for Hanafi Studies which aims to provide practical guidance and contemporary solutions based on the Hanafi tradition.

Sadeq Ansari

After an undergraduate studies in psychology, Sadeq pursued post-graduate studies in Arabic and Islamic studies. His pursuit has also led him to spend time in Egypt, Turkey and United States studying language and traditional Islamic sciences. He has recently completed his PhD on Imam Abu Ja’far at-Tahawi and his approach to matn criticism in Hadith.


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