Sisters Itikaaf Night


Sat - Sun 08 - 09 May 2021


Overnight stay including sahoor
5:30 pm


250 Somerton Hwy Craigieburn VIC 3064

We are excited to announce sisters i’tikaaf night! Sisters here is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in ibadah (worship) on one of the last 10 nights in Ramadan. It will be a 2 part program:

Part 1 of the program: Iftar – 10.30pm

We will commence with iftar followed by Qur’an recitation, spiritual talk, Taraweeh, collective adhkar and du’a.

Part 2 of the program: 10:30pm – Sahoor

It will include spiritual talks, personal ibadah time, Ramadan reflection, Salaatul Tasbih and more personal ibadah time. We will finish with Sahoor.

We do advise that you bring your Qu’ran/Islamic books for the personal time. Wear comfy clothes and other times you may need for a comfy nap during the night.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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