Online Sisters Halaqa


Thu 06 Jun 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm




Ladies Only

The Topic:
In our pursuit of success and fulfillment, setting goals and taking decisive actions are essential steps. Yet, we often encounter obstacles and uncertainties that test our resolve. Islam offers us Tawakkul, an important Islamic concept of placing our complete trust in Allah’s plan, as a guiding light through these challenges. In this online halaqa, we will explore:
Goal Setting with Tawakkul: How to set meaningful and achievable goals aligned with Islamic values.
Taking Action: The importance of diligent effort and proactive steps towards our goals.
Embracing Obstacles with Faith: Understanding that obstacles are part of Allah’s plan and learning to trust Him through these challenges.
Balancing Effort and Faith: Harmonising our hard work with unwavering reliance on Allah for the outcome.

About our Speaker:
Nicole is the visionary Founder and CEO of the Muslim Women’s Leadership Academy, an innovative institution that integrates secular and Islamic principles to foster leadership and personal development. Nicole’s academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, majoring in Finance and Marketing (2000), followed by a Master’s degree in Accounting (2010). She further specialised in compliance and risk management, earning Graduate Certificates in Compliance (2013) and Diplomas in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-terrorism Financing (2016). This extensive expertise has propelled her to her current position as Head of Operational and Compliance Risk at Islamic Money. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Nicole is pursuing a Master of Islamic Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Psychology, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and the integration of diverse knowledge systems.


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