Brothers Halaqa


Thu 16 May 2024


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


ISRA Melbourne
250 Hume Hwy Craigieburn

Topic: Guidance in the Darkness: Exploring the Depths of Chapter Al-Layl (The Night)

Join us on a journey to understand the Qur’ān in chronological order, starting from the very beginning! We’ll delve into the early chapters revealed in Mecca, focusing on foundational themes of prophecy, God’s Lordship (Rubūbiyyah), and Divinity.

Using both classical and modern commentaries, we’ll unpack the core messages in each revelation, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the Qur’ān’s message.

Here’s what makes this exploration exciting:

  • Chronological Journey: We’ll follow the order the Qur’ānic chapters were revealed, providing context for each verse.
  • Foundational Themes: Explore the core concepts of Islam introduced in the chapters.
  • Expert Guidance: We’ll use both selected classical and modern commentaries for a well-rounded perspective.

This is a great opportunity for anyone curious about the Qur’ān, regardless of background!


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