Jump-Start your Ramadan


Fri 25 Mar 2022


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



As Ramadan is just around the corner, it is importat that we are well prepared for the blessed month. Join us in this live online program to listen to speakers who will shed light on different aspects of the holy month.

The battle between the nafs and the body in Ramadan by Dr Zuleyha Keskin

Ramadan is unlike any other month, it is when the spirit takes priority over the body, giving the spirit a chance to breathe and inhale the beauties of thankfulness, worship and the Qur’an.

The do’s and don’ts of Ramadan by Dr Hakan Coruh

Dr Hakan will present on what we can and can’t do during Ramadan from a fiqh (jurisprudence) perspective. He will also explore some modern challenges faced by Muslims during the fasting month.

The merits and objectives of Ramadan by Sh. Salmaan Parkar.

Salman will take us through the verses and the narrations of the Prophet (saw) that highlight the virtues of Ramadan as well as the merits and objectives of the blessed month.


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