How to Pray Workshop


Sat 18 Mar 2023


10:00 am


ISRA Melbourne
250 Hume Hwy Craigieburn


Ladies Only

*Attention Melbourne Sisters* This workshop is a free course designed to take us back to the basics of prayer (salat). All sisters welcome, whether: – You would like to improve the quality of your prayers. – You would like to double check that you are doing your prayers properly. – You have never learnt how to pray and would now like to learn. Our presenters: Mariama Kimura is a hafiz of the Quran. She has completed a 6 year of ‘Alimah Course, specialising in various classical Islamic disciplines, including the fiqh of salat (prayer). Associate Professor Zuleyha Keskin is  co-founded ISRA and helped desighn university level Islamic studies courses which teach both traditional and contemporary Islamic studies in a university context. Zeinab Mourad has a Masters in Islamic studies and a bachelor of youth work   What to bring (optional): – a head scarf – some nibblies for the break   Each participant will receive a gift at beginning of the first class.


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