Hijrah to the Hereafter: Death and Dying in Islam


Fri 03 Nov 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




ISRA Centre, Sydney
Level 3 128-136 South Parade, Auburn NSW 2144

“Every soul will taste death.”(Quran 29.57)

Join us for a 5-week journey into the profound Islamic concept of death. This course comprehensively explores various facets of this inevitable part of life. Topics include understanding the theology of death, unravelling the jurisprudence related to the rights of the deceased, practical insights into the washing and shrouding procedures, navigating the grieving process, and the significance of Islamic wills.

The topics to be covered are below:

Week 1 – Friday 3 November 
Hijrah to the Hereafter: Islamic Concept of Death by Assoc Prof. Mehmet Ozalp
The Islamic theological and spiritual aspects of death including the removal of the soul and experience in the grave.

Week 2 – Friday 10 November 
Four Rights of the Deceased: A Fiqh Perspective by Ustaz Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil
The Islamic jurisprudence rulings relate to the four rights of the deceased.

Week 3 – Friday 17 November 
Entering the Grave by  Mariam Ardati (End-of-life Doula)
Practical demonstration of the four rights of the deceased (washing, shrouding, burial and funeral prayer) and how to organise a funeral.

Week 4 – Friday 24 November
The Grieving Process by Mariam Ardati (End-of-life Doula)
The stages of grieving and the importance of grieving in Islam with examples from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Companions and scholars.

Week 5 – Friday 1 December
Our Legacy by Ramia Abdo Sultan ( Principal Solicitor) 

Creating an Islamic and Australian Will and what we leave behind.

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