Tafseer and
Uloom al-Quran

This course provides a greater understanding of the sciences and topics revolving around the Quran. It discusses topics related to how the Quran was revealed and gathered, clear and ambiguous verses, abrogating and abrogated verses, causes of revelation, Tafseer, and the Miraculous Nature of the Quran.

100% online

1 hour a week

Small classrooms with individual focus

Quran: General Information

  • Uloom al-Quran (and its History) 
  • The Noble Quran (its Names and Difference from Hadith Qudsi) 

The Revelation of the Quran: Part 1

  • Stages of Revelation 
  • First Revelation 
  • Gradual Revelation and its wisdom
  • Writing the Quran 

The Revelation of the Quran: Part 2

  • Last Revelation 
  • Revising the Quran 
  • Gathering the Quran 
  • Verses, Chapters and other Divisions


  • Part 1: Tafseer, and the Mufassiroon from the Sahabah
  • Part 2: Mufassiroon from the Tabi‘een and the most well-known Tafseer works

Features of the Quran that help with Tafseer

  • Causes of Revelation
  • Makki and Madani Chapters
  • Abrogating and Abrogated Verses 
  • Clear and Ambiguous Verses 
  • The Qiraa’aat of the Quran 
  • The Miraculous Nature (I‘jaaz) of the Quran