ISRA Quran Academy

Our Mission

ISRA Qur’an Academy aspires to nurture ahlul-Quran by fostering a strong connection with the book of Allah. We offer easy to understand, enjoyable and effective classes in Quranic Sciences that are easily accessible to the masses through our trained teachers.

Key Dates

Term 1

Start Date: 30 Jan
End Date: 7 April 

Term 2

Start Date: 1 May
End Date: 7 July

Term 3

Start Date: 17 July
End Date: 22 September

Term 4

Start Date: 9 October
End Date: 15 December


Fee for each term is $150, with an initial registration fee of $50. 



This course provides a concise and thematic interpretation of the Quran.


This course is a simple, enjoyable and effective way of learning the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Uloom al-Quran

This course provides a greater understanding of the sciences and topics revolving around the Quran.
Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get closer to the book of Allah

Our Teachers


Louai Kanaan is a keen student and teacher of the Quran and Islamic sciences. He has Ijaazat (licences to teach) in Tajweed, Multiple Qiraa’aat, Uloom al-Quran, Seera, Hadith, Tafsir, Shamaa’il, and other related Adab (etiquette) and Tazkiyah (spirituality) texts. He mainly studied with some of the scholars in Sydney, Australia (where he resides), and also spent some time in Malaysia undertaking intense Islamic studies. He has taught and continues to teach these sciences across multiple centres in Sydney, Australia


Bilal Fazli is a long-term volunteer and student at ISRA with Ijaazat (licences to teach) in Tajweed. He has completed a Certificate 4 in Youth Work, Diploma in Community Services and Case Management, and a Certificate of Clinical Pastoral Care. He worked for 4 years as a youth worker and has been a Chaplain for Corrective Services NSW since 2019. Bilal has a natural ability to make students feel comfortable and provides an extensive spiritual and emotional support for students along their journey of Tajweed.


Menna Kamal is a student currently undertaking studies at the University of Sydney. She has Ijaazaat (licenses to teach) in Quran Recitation (Hafs ‘an-‘Aasim), Uloom al-Quran, Shamaa’il and Tafsir. Furthermore, she has a passion for teaching Quran to all ages, children through to adults. She is currently teaching, training and managing students and teachers through the Madinah Series of Curriculums and is a Quran teacher at multiple centres across Sydney, Australia, including ISRA Youth College and ISRA Quran Academy.


Currently undertaking PhD research at Charles Sturt University, Leila aims to evaluate an innovative pathway to adolescent wellbeing through online high school scripture. Leila is passionate about using her knowledge, experience, and research to positively impact human practices and wellbeing through improving educational practices. Leila Khaled has also received Ijaazaat (licences to teach) in Tajweed, Tafsir, Uloom al-Quran and Shamaa’il. Leila has also completed a Master of Islamic Studies with distinction, a Bachelor of teaching, and other Sharia courses with equivalence to first class honours, teaching from elementary through to a university level.


Ahmet Ozturk has been engaged in Qur'an learning and teaching from a very young age. He holds Ijaazaat (licences to teach) in the recitation of the Quran and multiple world-renowned Tajweed Poetry. He has completed a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering and Commerce at University of Sydney and Masters of Islamic Studies at Charles Sturt University.


Mabrook Sattar is an enthusiastic student and teacher of the Quranic sciences, with a central focus on the science of Tajweed. He holds Ijaazaat (licences to teach) in the theory and poetry of Tajweed. Mabrook also holds experience in teaching Quran all the way through to an advanced level in Sydney, Australia, predominantly at the ISRA Quran Academy.


Nada El-Zohbi has been a life long student, teacher and volunteer in the Muslim Community. Nada holds extensive Ijaazaat (licences to teach) in multiple Quran and Islamic sciences including Tajweed, Tafsir, Uloom al-Quran and Shamaa’il. Nada is also a key trainer in Tafsir at the ISRA Quran Academy, where she currently teaches Quran recitation, Tafsir and Uloom al-Quran.


Zeliha completed a Bachelor of Public Relations and Publicity at Istanbul University, Turkey, in 2005. After working at Cihan News Agency as a correspondent for two years, Zeliha moved to the Philippines and completed a Bachelor of Science Education at Central Colleges of the Philippines. After serving in the education field for 12 years in the Philippines, Zeliha moved to Australia in 2016 and commenced employment in the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy Australia (ISRA) as the Ladies Coordinator and Enrolment Officer. Zeliha is also an ISRA board member, Youth College Coordinator and involved in community services for various projects at ISRA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each term runs for 10 weeks, and follows the Public School dates very closely. There are 4 terms a year and the term dates can be found under the “KEY DATES” section.

ISRA Quran Academy payment is per term. Each term $150, with an initial registration fee of $50. (All currencies in AUD) There is sponsorship available for people having difficulty with payment.

All ISRA Quran Academy teachers have undergone extensive teacher training and upskilling, with accreditations that are recognised globally. Our teachers also have Ijaazaat (licences to teach) in the courses which they are teaching.

The initial $50 registration fee is paid upon registration to secure your position in a class, as well as your Student Workbook. The 150$ term fee is required by Week 3 of the term being paid for.

All students are mailed out a hard copy of their Student Workbook upon registration (or initial assessment for the Tajweed Course). The teacher will also have online resources which may include online presentations, animations, videos, quizzes and exams.

Once registrations are closed, no further registrations for that term are taken. However, you may still register your interest for the following term so that you can be from the first to be put into a class next term.

Ensure that your teacher is informed if you are to miss a class. Students are eligible to 2 individual catch-up lessons a term.

Existing Students

If you are an existing student, click here to apply for the next term.