Arabic Texts
Translation Society

The Arabic Texts and Translation Society (ATTS) is an initiative of the Arabic department at Charles Sturt University/ISRA Academy. The aim of this society is to engage our Arabic students in translating Arabic texts into English with the aim of publishing high quality translations. There are various genres of texts that students can opt to translate such as Arabic literature works and Islamic texts. The society aims to translate texts that have either not been translated yet into the English language or books that have been translated into English but require an updated translation. 

Sample Works

A group of students were selected to trial the process of translation. The students have completed the following works. 

  1. A section from the famous ألف ليلة وليلة (One Thousand and One Nights) compiled in Arabic during the Abbasid era. (Translated by various founding members)
  2. A section from السمير المهذب (The Night-time Teacher) , a modern Egyptian text concerning virtues, which is currently being translated. (Translated by Susan Snowdon – founding member)

Who can join ATTS?

Currently only CSU Arabic alumni students or current CSU Arabic students are invited to join ATTS. This is on a volunteer basis, and translators can opt to participate in as many or few projects they wish. Understanding the time constraints of volunteers, it is not expected for all translators to participate in all projects.

For those who are current students, you are required to complete a minimum of four subjects to be eligible: ISL461, ISL462, ISL463 and ISL464. 


  • ATTS managers and reviewers: Abdul Hadi Shah Idil and Suhail Noor
  • ATTS coordinator: Aiysha Armstrong ( Please contact Aiysha for any enquiry you have may have about ATTS. 

How are books selected?

Books are chosen by the Arabic teaching staff in consultation with the translators. 

The Process

  1. The selected text is divided into sections in a Microsoft Word template, accessed via SharePoint.
  2. If a translator wishes to participate in the project, within the Word document they select a section they wish to translate by adding their name next to it.
  3. At the bottom of the template there is a table, where translators add dictionary definitions for the words they have translated in the text.
  4. Once the text has been translated, a Zoom meeting is set up to review and edit the document.
  5. One translator then volunteers to compile the translation as a single document.

Condition of Membership

To continue as a member, you are required to attend at least one meeting evey quarter.