Dr.Ibrahim Abu Mohammad

Dr Ibrahim Abu Muhammad is one of the most prominent Muslim scholars in Australia. He is a hafiz (he memorised the entire Qur'an in his childhood). He continued his studies in Islam at the renowned and historic Al-Azhar University. He completed Masters at theCollege of Usuluddin, Al-Azhar University and later completed his PhD at the same institution. His PhD thesis was in relation to how Islam makes peace in practise. His thesis earned him a high distinction to achieve top of his class.

 He taught Islamic Studies from 1988 to 1991 in Ajman College in Al-Ayn University, Abu Dabi. Dr Ibrahim has taught postgraduate studies in Islam at Leaders College under the Defence Ministry of Abu Dabi from 1991 to1996.

Dr Ibrahim has authored 26 books which have been published in Arabic. Some titles of his books are Man and the Environment, The Culture and the Diary of History, Between Freedom of Thought and Freedom to Destroy, A letter to the Sane, The Man and the Sycophant, Mental Striving: its Fields and its Heights and Pure Melody and the Immoral Melody.

He has recently published the second edition of his book Invitation to Contemplate which has been translated into both English and French.

Dr Ibrahim was a cultural advisor at the Islamic Council of NSW during 1997.

Dr Ibrahim established Radio Voice of Peace in 1999 which broadcasts Arabic and English programs to an audience of more than 15,000 listeners.

Dr Ibrahim has been the Shariah advisor for The Muslim Community Co-operative (Australia) Ltd, better known as MCCA, since 1992.

Dr Ibrahim is a serving member of the Fatwa board of the National Imams Council of Australia.

He regularly delivers Friday sermons at major mosques in Australia and holds regular monthly public lectures for the Muslim community.