Does God Exist?

Fri 15th Jan, 2021



10-week course on the theology and creed of Islam

Does GOD Exist?

How do you rationally prove that God exists? How would you explain God’s existence when challenged with atheistic theories? How do you inwardly attain an intellectual certainty on God’s existence? 

Existence of God course is the first in the Theology of Qur’an series of Islamic theology courses aimed to address these and other pertinent questions on the topic:

  • Refutation of three atheistic theories for existence 
  • Evolution Theory and Islam?
  • Default proof for God
  • Cosmological proof for God
  • The delusion of disbelief
  • Who has the burden of proof?
  • 33 proofs for the existence of God
  • The Greatest Sign to the existence of God

Join us for 10-week ladies only course. Please register by 10 Jan 2021.  Further details will be provided upon registration.


For enquires about the series and for registrations please contact or call us on (02) 9649 9040


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Does God Exist?