Current Courses

ISRA’s community courses are Australia’s leading place for Muslim men & women to gain a high quality, professional and enriching Islamic learning experience. Our range of courses help participants greatly improve their Islamic & spiritual knowledge, understanding and practices in their life, character, actions, worship and more. 

We offer evening, daytime and weekend courses with highly qualified instructors, to suit your needs ranging from 10 to 13 week courses. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of attendance. Attendance is welcome at anytime during the courses.

Day Courses for Women

Purification of the Heart
Starts 4th February 2016

Qur'an Reading Practice
Starts 6th February 2016 

Wisdom of the Prophets
Starts 5th May 2016

Islamic Akhlaq (Ethics and Morals)
Starts 11th August 2016

Theology of Qur'an - Social Reflection & Interpretation of Islam
Starts 7th February 2016

Evening Courses for Women

Contemporary Issues in Islam
Starts 3rd February 2016

Beginner Qur'an Reading Course
Starts 4th February 2016

Tajweed Course
Starts 5th May 2016

Developing Human Excellence
Starts 18th May 2016

Wisdom of the Prophets
Starts 24th August 2016