Clash of Civilisations: Fact or Fiction?

Mon 3rd Feb, 2020

250 Hume Hwy Somerton, ISRA Melbourne Centre

Muslims in the West are constantly criticised for their apathy and lack of contribution to the wider society. This is far from the reality. Throughout history, we see that Muslims have been part of the fabric of the societies they lived in as they were an integral part of them. Today is no different. Join us as we explore the legacy of Muslims starting from the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) until today. This lecture is also an opportunity to understand what Muslims of today are concerned about and what areas they feel passionate about contributing towards, based on research conducted with over one thousand Muslims in Australia.

All the way from Brisbane, Associate Professor Halim Rane leads the Islam-West Relations field of study at Griffith University. He has authored six books, over 30 journal articles and over a dozen book chapters on Islamic and Muslim issues.Assoc. Prof. Rane is a co-founder and executive member of the Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS).

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Clash of Civilisations: Fact or Fiction?