ISRA Children's Library

ISRA Children's Library

The primary purpose of the ISRA Children's Library is to provide Islamic themed books for children and parents that are used for education, information and personal development, recreation and leisure.

Libraries play a fundamental role in society as a gateway to knowledge, culture, history and traditions. ISRA Children's Library will offer resources that create opportunities for children's learning, support literacy and education, provide tools for parents to be able to teach their children more about Islam in a fun & creative way.  

Libraries also bring communities together and we hope to play a role in attracting a diverse membership of Muslim parents from all backgrounds and encouraging members to connect, engage and share ideas on educating our young Muslim children.

In order to use the Isra Children's Library, please register using the registration form below. 

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Open every Thursday

Time: 9.30-10.30 am


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Come along to an interactive session of stories, rhymes, songs and activities! Young and old enjoy the lovely stories with the exiting art craft.

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