Can Destiny and Free Will Coexist?

Thu 11th Oct, 2018

Via zoom

last month we ran this public lecture in Melbourne, as a result, we have had an overwhelming response from other states to run this online. you asked and we delivered. 

ISRA invites you to our upcoming public lecture discussing the topical concepts of destiny and free will. Destiny (qadar) and free will (irada) are two of the most challenging topics in theology. This lecture will explore both within the Islamic context and see how they fit together, how the classical theologians explain these two concepts and how to better understand them in our lives. 

Since the classical period, Islamic scholars, theologians and philosophers have been debating about questions such as:

  • Can predetermination and free will coexist?
  • Can we change our destiny?
  • Does the concept of predestination annul free action?
  • Can we be held responsible for our actions if everything is already prewritten?

Our theologian Omer Atilla Ergi will attempt to answer these difficult questions.

Omer Ergi is an Islamic theologian and an author of six books. He has been involved on the editorial board of various Islamic magazine publications. He has taught Islam in various study circles since 1995. 

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Can Destiny and Free Will Coexist?